How to Connect, Inspire and Transform
Through Your Teaching

Helping Language Teachers Make a Difference in the World

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The "3xM" Principles 

#1. Mindset

Students have a mental block. Transform their beliefs and create a positive mindset for learning.

#2. Motivation

Students don't participate. Discover their 'secret' motivation so you can teach them quicker.

#3. Make it Fun!

Students seem bored. Let these games work their magic to make your classes more engaging!

How would it feel to get a Thank You letter  from your students 5 years from now?

Who is this Teacher Training Program for?

For "Out-of-the-Box" Teachers

You realize that the old-school ways of teaching languages don't work. You are innovative, creative and enjoy teaching.

1. Makee it Fun

For Private Teachers

You teach private lessons or small group classes. You want to give your best to your students and you realize you need the support of other teachers.

1. Makee it Fun

For School Owners

You run a language school and know first-hand the challenges of training teachers. You want to build a team to give your students the best

1. Makee it Fun

What is "Unleash Your Teaching Awesomeness"?

It's an online training course for language teachers.

You’ll learn the 3 "M" principles to becoming an unforgettable teacher,
so you can:

Get more energy and enjoyment out of teaching so you feel encouraged and inspired.

Change how students think and feel during your class, so they are mentally ready to learn

Increase students' motivation and engagement, so they participate, pay attention and learn faster!

Every month, for 12 months, a new module in the course will be released

You'll get:
 video explanations, special guest interviews, written descriptions, PDFs, reference links, bonus materials and Monthly Mentorship webinars
If you want to fulfill your full potential as a teacher and have a lifelong impact on your student's lives...
Unleash Your Teaching Awesomeness is just for you!


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